Kruzas NCD


History and facts


The company has been active in Lithuania since 1991 when it started importing cosmetic products and opened its first chain of cosmetics and perfume stores “Sarma”. We were the first company to introduce a self-service system in these stores. The portfolio of brands represented by the company has expanded over time and today we can proudly say that we have successfully represented companies such as “Antonio Puig”, “Coty” , “Lumene” and “L’Oreal” (“Vichy”) for over 20 years.

In 2004, “Sarma”, our retail chain of cosmetic stores, was successfully sold to the “Douglas Group” company.

Since 1st December 2004, we have continued our activities under the name JSC “Kruzas Nordic Cosmetics Distribution” (hereinafter “Kruzas NCD”).
In March 2014 Berner Ltd. ( became the sole shareholder of “Kruzas NCD”.



“Kruzas NCD” is currently one of the largest companies in the Baltic states specializing in the import and wholesale of cosmetics and perfumes. The company has been effectively expanding its operations in all of the Baltic states – “Kruzas NCD” established a subsidiary company SIA “Kruzas NCD” in Latvia in 2007, and we began operating in Estonia in May 2009. The company currently employs a staff of 77 in the Baltic States.

The turnover of the company reached EUR 8.4 M in 2013. The planned turnover for 2014 in the Baltic States is EUR 9.8 M.